Bachelor Degree Scholarships in Turkey – Turkish Undergraduate Scholarships – Free Study in Turkey

Turkish Government Scholarships are well known and here comes another Turkish scholarship for undergraduate students to get a chance to study in Turkey. The famous Abdullah Gül University located in Kayseri, Turkey has announced its scholarships for all international students. This Turkish scholarship gives you the opportunity to complete your undergraduate studies free of charge as there is no tuition fee.

The scholarship will be given only to the faculty students and will cover the entire time period of the program applied for.  As a student, you will be required to bear the costs pertaining to transportation, housing, and health insurance.

Courses offered under Bachelor Degree Scholarships in Turkey – Turkish Undergraduate Scholarships – Study in Turkey:

Abdullah Gül University is among the best universities in Turkey. It is more of a third generation university which has a prime focus on societal impact, education, and research. Due support is provided to the university by “AGUV” which is a popular philanthropic foundation. The inauguration of the university took place in 2010. The university is currently home to 14 undergraduate and graduate programs. All the subjects in the university are taught in English.

Subjects Offered in the Turkey Scholarship Program:

The scholarship is directed towards undergraduate students. If you are an undergraduate then the following fields are open for you

  • Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Business Administration

Major Benefits Offered by Turkey Scholarship for Bachelor Degree Scholarships in Turkey – Turkish Undergraduate Scholarships – Study in Turkey:

Turkish Government Scholarship for bachelor degree programs offer benefits which are stated as below:

  • Winning this Turkish scholarship means that you will have the chance to experience a 4-year undergraduate program at Abdullah Gül University and that too in English
  • The tuition fee is not there and overall accommodation cost is also affordable
  • The location of the university i.e. Kayseri is wonderful. The best part about this location is that its overall living cost is much lesser than some of the other regions of Turkey such as Ankara and Istanbul
  • Living in Kayseri will freshen up your mind. The region is home to some of the most fantastic tourist spots of Turkey

Eligibility for Turkish Government Scholarship for Undergraduate courses:

The Eligibility Criteria of the university or the Turkey scholarship is no different from some of the other scholarship programs offered by other different universities of the world. You can check the application criteria in the points below

  • You must pass international examinations like ACT, IB OR SAT etc
  • You must show whatever high school results you manage to achieve during your educational career
  • You must have a TOEFL certification. The certification is an international benchmark which it comes to English proficiency
  • It is recommended that you should show any awards or certificates which you may have received during your educational career
  • You should provide a letter stating your purpose of choosing this scholarship program. The statement should be professional
  • Your country of residence is not a problem. The scholarship is open to students all over the world

How to Apply for Turkey Government Scholarship for Bachelor degree?

You can get more information related to this scholarship from University’s official website. You can also send your query to.  Do not delay as the last date for application is August 3, each year.