Renmin University of China Scholarships 2019 | Renmin University of China Ranking

Renmin University of China Scholarships 2019 | Renmin University of China Ranking

Chinese University Program is the program that the Ministry of Education, or Bureau of Education of different provinces, municipal cities and some Chinese university offer to international students to pursue graduate studies in China. Currently, 271 Chinese universities offer the “Chinese University Program” to international students.

Types, duration and teaching language

1. This program is offered to master and Ph.d students. The mater program usually takes 2 to 3 years, and 4 years for Ph.D programs;

2. The scholarship will support students for the whole duration. It includes the Chinese language study and major study. It cannot be extended.

Content of scholarship



●Living expenses

●Comprehensive insurance

For more detailed information, please log on to:

How and when to apply

All the applicants can apply directly with Chinese universities. You must submit the scholarship application form as well as other required documents to the university. The application starts in October and ends in March.


1.applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health condition

2.Age and Education Background

●Master degree applicant must have bachelor’s degree and under 35.

●Ph.d degree applicant must have master’s degree and under 40.

3.Generally, this scholarship is not available to those who already studied in China


1. Applicant can apply the Chinese University Program to the university directly

2. Applicant must also log on to China Scholarship Council to fill out the application and print the application form.

3. Applicant must submit all the required documents and send it to the university.

Note: China Scholarship Council (CSC) only takes the application through those universities that run Chinese University Program. CSC doesn’t take the individual application. The agency number of the Renmin University of China is 10002.

Application documents (2 copies)

1.The application form of Chinese Government Scholarship (English or Chinese)

2.The notarized version of the highest diploma earned. If the applicant hasn’t earned the degree/diploma yet, the certificate of pre-gradation or other related documents must be submitted. Languages other than Chinese or English must be authenticated or notarized.

3.Trance of the highest degree earned. Languages other than Chinese or English must be authenticated or notarized.

4. Study plan or research proposal (no less than 800 words, in Chinese or English).

5. Two recommendation letters from associate professors or professors, in Chinese or English.

6.Applicant applies for music majors must submit the musical works. Art major applicants must submit two scratches, two color paintings, and other arts in CD format.

7.The Physical Examination Report.

8.Please submit all the above documents to designated universities. All the documents are not returned to the applicants once submitted.

Admission and Notice

1.Chinese universities must review all the documents and decide the admission list.

2.Once applicants were admitted, CSC will review the admission list. Applicants then get the scholarship.

3.Every applicant can only take one offer from a Chinese university. Should the applicant get more than one offer, CSC will only grant one to the applicant.

4.CSC will send out the admission letter and JW201 form to the related Chinese universities, universities should send those documents to the applicants.

5. Applicants cannot change the university or major once registered with related universities.

6. If applicant cannot register on time, the scholarship will be cancelled.

Mailing Address:

International Students Office

Renmin University of China

Room 108, International Cultural Exchange Center

No. 59 Zhongguancun St.

Haidian District

Beijing, 100872

People`s Republic of China

Renmin University of China Confucius Institute Scholarship(CIS)


For the purpose of supporting the development of Confucius Institutes, facilitating international promotion of Chinese language and dissemination of Chinese culture, as well as cultivating qualified Chinese-language teachers and excellent Chinese-language learners, Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban (hereinafter referred to as Hanban) launches a “Confucius Institute Scholarship” program to sponsor foreign students, scholars and Chinese language teachers to study Chinese in relevant universities of China (hereinafter referred to as “Host Institutes” ).

Students can log on to each February to check application information. Students should create their own account name and passwords, complete the online application form. The deadline for application is early May | Renmin University of China Ranking .

The receiving institutions will review the application documents of the applicants, and submit the admission list to Hanban Headquarters | Renmin University of China Ranking .

Hanban Headquarters will review the list and make the final decision on the admission list. The applicants can log on to after June 15th to check the application results. The receiving institutions will inform the applicants accordingly.

The receiving institutions will send out the admission letter and JW 202 forms to the applicants.

Application documents

1.  Photocopy of passport and ID pictures

2.HSK, HSKK, BCT, BCT(oral) grades certificate

3.The photocopy of highest degrees earned (or pre-graduation certificate, or certificate of enrollment). Languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied with notarized documents.

4.Reference letter and letter of commitment. The BTCSOL Scholarship applicants should submit pre-admission notice issued by the host institutes designated by Hanban. The MTCSOL Scholarship applicants are required to submit two reference letters from professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English) and a written commitment stating that the applicant will be engaged in Chinese language teaching for at least 5 years after graduation (written in Chinese and signed). College students majored in Chinese in countries with no Confucius Institutes established shall submit a reference letter signed and issued by the university President.

5.Applicants under the age of 18 shall submit relevant legal documents of entrusted legal guardians in China.

6.Winners of the finals of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions for Foreign College Students and for Foreign High School Students in China shall submit the certificate of scholarship. Winners of preliminary rounds of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions in their countries shall submit award proof and a reference letter from the Chinese Embassy (or Consulate) in the competition area.

7.Chinese language teachers shall submit the proof of the length of time in teaching and weekly teaching hours provided by institutes they work for.

8. Those applying for a scholarship of One-Academic-Year + MTCSOL are required to provide the agreement signed with the Confucius Institute or the institute which they will be working for.

9. Other materials required by host institutes.

Note: currently, we only take the one-semester Chinese language study and one-year Chinese language study scholarship application

For more information, please visit:

Renmin University of China Confucius China Studies Program

In order to foster deep understanding of China and the Chinese culture among young generations from around the world, enable the prosperous growth of China studies, promote the sustainable development of Confucius Institutes, and enhance the friendly relationship between China and the people of other countries, the Confucius Institute Headquarters has set up the “Confucius China Studies Program”.

The Program consists of six subprograms in the academic areas of Humanities and Social Sciences

I.Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship

II. Ph.D. in China Fellowship

III. “Understanding China” Fellowship

IV. Young Leaders Fellowship

V. International Conference Grant

VI. Publication Grant

Our university takes the Joint research Ph.D Fellowship program and Ph.d in China Fellowship program applicants.

Fore more information, please visit:

Renmin University of China Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship


Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship is established by Beijing Municipal Government, aiming to provide tuition fees fully or partially to the international students studying or applying for studying in Beijing. This scholarship is given to those who are diligent, hard-working individuals.

How to apply and when to apply

For future students:

For undergraduate program applicant, you don’t need to apply this scholarship on your own, the scholarship will be given based on your exam score and interview.

For graduate program applicant, you should submit the scholarship application form with other application documents. The form can be downloaded on our website. Please download the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship Application Form (for perspective graduate student)

For current students:

All the undergraduate students enrolled . Graduate students enrolled and Ph.d students enrolled.

If you want to apply for Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship or Academic Performance Awards of RUC, your GPA must be in top five of your class.

If you have failed classes, you cannot apply for the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship.

If you already enjoy the Chinese Government Scholarship, or the scholarship from your home country, or Confucius Institute Scholarship, you cannot apply for Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship.

If your visa got expired and was fined or punished before, you cannot apply for any scholarship.

If you’ve broken the university regulations before, you cannot apply for the scholarship.


Students can go to: and download the scholarship application form.

Students should complete the application form, bring it to related schools, have it signed and stamped. Submit the form to International Students Office.

Students should provide the transcript of the 2nd semester of  academic year, and the 1st semester of academic year.

Students should submit all the documents to International Student Office by March 27th.

In April, the university will review all the application.

In May, the winning list will be released.


Full scholarship: the tuition for 2014-2019 will be waived.

Half scholarship: the half tuition for 2014-2019 will be waived.

Renmin University of China Scholarships


Renmin University of China also establishes different awards for international students. The scholarship includes Academic Performance Award, Academic Progress Award, Social Activity Award, and Outstanding Leadership Award. Those awards aim to encourage those who have made great performance or progress in academic, activities, community service and leadership.

How to apply?

Undergraduate students from 2012 to 2013, graduate students from 2019 to 2019(graduate students from 2019 must be attending the three-year program), and Ph.d students from 2019.

Students’ GPA must be in top five in their schools.

If you have the record of bad performance (e.g. you’ve fined due to visa expiration), you automatically disqualified.

If you have been blacklisted and persecuted or be penalized for their conduct of academic dishonesty, you automatically disqualified.

Application procedure

Please download the Scholarship Application Form at: at the designated website.

Students must fill every item in the application form, have it signed and stamped.

Students must submit the transcript from the 2nd semester of the 2019-2019 academic year, and the transcript from the 1st semester of 2019-2020 academic year.

Students should submit all the required documents to International Students Office by March 27th, 2019.

The University will review all the application in April | Renmin University of China Ranking.

The International Students Office will release the winner’s list in May.

Award categories

Academic performance award

First-Place Award: 3000RMB

Second-Place Award: 2000RMB

Third-Place Award: 1000RMB

Academic Progress Award: 1000RMB

Social Activity Award: 1000RMB

Leadership Award: 2000RMB